As a little girl, when I saw Walter Farley’s « The Black Stallion » adaptation film, I could picture myself with this legendary stallion. For years, images of the ebony horse paced in my thoughts.

Then one day I came accross a documentary on the Royal Bouznika stud in Morocco. When Imperial Mashhar appeared on the screen, it struck me: my life had to be surrounded by horses like him. My quest started shortly after, when I visited a black Arabian horse stud and fell even more in love with this fabulous breed.

In september 2004, I met Straight Egyptian breeders who taught me a lot and gave me new perspectives. After learning that some Arabian horses’ origins could be traced back to Bedouin tribes, cradle of the breed… I wanted to be part of it and join all the passionate breeders who devote themselves into preserving those rare and precious ancient strains. So I decided to search actively for my own Black Pearl, contacted a few breeders and came accross a daughter of my dream-horse Imperial Mashhar! The visit was instantly scheduled and I met Habba Saouda the following week. She was a three years old filly with a lanky body, but so beautiful! She was of an extreme sweetness, a very important quality for a mare. I decided to throw myself in, and make habba Saouda the foundation mare of my Straight Egyptian adventure. Today, her daughter Sinoan Umeerah Essuad is about to carry the torch, she will stay at our stud and represent Habba Saouda’s strain at Sinoan’s.

Coralie Marcotte et Sinoan Baheerah Eswad

Coralie and Sinoan Baheerah Eswad

Since then, other fantastic mares and stallions of all coats have crossed the world to join us… even though we have that little something extra for Black Arabians, we believe that the most important is quality, no matter what colour beauty wears!


If you want to discover the Straight Egyptian Arabian horse, feel free to contact us, visitors are welcome by appointment!