Horse Boarding

Located in a very calm little village at 15 minuts from the town of Besançon, two hours from Paris and the Switzerland.

The accessibility of stables located a few kilometers from Ecole Valentin (A36 ) and the N57 , the quality of the proposed infrastructure, permanent availability due to their low attendance ( we restrict the Home of 10 horse for outside boarding and 10 horses for inside boarding, numerous paddocks and immediate access to a hiking trail ) , as well as experience , competence and professionalism of the supervisors available to owners make the team an almost unique place in the surrounding area.

The basic pension , which includes accommodation of horse or pony on straw, two daily meals flaked two daily rations of hay and access to all facilities , can be completed according to the desires of everyone , for of forfaitisées or unit benefits included in our rates , downloadable here.

In addition , courses to our owners , led by renowned professional riders will be organized regularly.

Finally, the club house , cozy and warm , or the sunny terrace overlooking the great career , will go places riders eager to share moments of relaxation in a friendly.

Horseback Riding in France:

France is ideally suited for a horseback riding vacation. It was here that the idea of equestrian travel was reborn and is most highly developed. Ride leaders in France must take long courses and pass exams on leading riding tours and horsemanship. As we have the exam to organize riding vacation, it’s why we decide to offer this service to our clients. The countryside in our beautiful Franche Comté in France is unspoiled and beautiful with many rights-of-way kept open which makes riding through it on horseback a real pleasure. Riding trails in France usually avoid paved roads. Spectacular castles, walled towns and ancient monasteries are everywhere. It is a thrill to ride into a castle courtyard on horseback like a traveler of old..

Our region has a unique character with its own history, cuisine, wine like Yellow Wine, Chardonnay (and many more), architecture and topography. French food and wine are justly famous and you will have every opportunity to savor them with an appetite made keener by an active day of horseback riding. Accommodations vary from small village hotels to châteaux, but are generally picturesque and comfortable. France is still the most popular country in the world for vacations..

Half-Horse Boarding:

Sana, Straight Egyptian arabian mare available in half-horse boarding

Which rider has not dreamed of owning ? Sinoan Arabians offers an intermediate solution, putting at your disposal horse or pony for leisure or competition in third or half board. If you are interested, contact-us.


If you like to discover the Straight Egyptian arabian horse, don’t hesitate to contact us to make an appointment.