Sinoan Dayeemah Eswad

Black filly, Straight Egyptian, Asil, Al Khamsa

Sire : DF Kamar
Dam : Ravenwood America
Born in : 2013
Strain : Dahmah Shawaniyah
Damline : Farida

SCID clear


Her sire is our DF Kamar, a young black stallion born in Germany and imported by us.

Her dam America is a very typey mare strongly inbred on RG Al Mone (Alcibiades x RG Anemone), carrying many wonderful ancesters in her pedigree such as Saud El Ameer, Maaroufa, SAR Ibn Moniet, Ansata El Salim, she has a Dahmah Shawaniyah strain, tracing back to Farida.

Dayeemah is the half-sister of our beautiful Shaymah. The legacy continues with both of them as their mother America has left our stud this year to join her new owners as a foundation mare!