illustration of the Saqlawi strain phenotype

Al Saqlawiyat

Variations: Saklawi, Seglawi, Saglaoui
Feminine: Saqlawiyah
Masculine: Saqlawi
Plural: Saqlawiyat

Most distinguishing characteristics: Feminine grace and elegance. The ideal Saqlawi represents beauty and refinement in the extreme. Feminine in appearance, they are of equal endurance to the Kuhaylan strains. Lighter in weight and leaner in frame than the Kuhaylan, they are not as strong in the hindquarters, tending to be a bit « light behind, » with a tendency to stand under slightly. They are very high-spirited and are natural show horses. They have also succeeded admirably on the race track.

Conformation: Overall, they are well balanced with good height. They are longer-backed than the Kuhaylan and have strong level toplines with high tail carriage. They are very fine boned and are lighter in bone than the Kuhaylan. The head is longer and slightly narrower than the Kuhaylan. Longer foreface (eye to muzzle), somewhat resembling the beautiful desert racing camel’s head in proportion. Very fine muzzle (the « teacup muzzle »). Eyes are large, dark and placed lower in the skull than in the Kuhaylan. Nostrils are extremely fine. Skin and hair very silky. The neck is longer than the Kuhaylan but in proportion to a longer body. Well-shaped and slender, and carried high.